Shadow Racer
Shadow Racer

NOA Games, one of the first arcade-style racing game developers for mobile devices in Iran has produced its third product, Shadow Racer

Game Modes:

Multi-online player: Breathtaking competitions online and chat

Classic: Endless mode

Robber: How would you like to experience the thrill of the chase?

Cop: Perhaps you’d like to be a conscientious police that everyone would honor.

Main Features of the Game:

-        4 Gameplay modes, along with 3 different camera angles

-        Multiplayer online game with breathtaking competitions, andunique gameplay capability

-        Form leagues, chat and also hold friendly competitions

-        Cops and robbers races with more than 40 scenes

-        Private garage with 20 car models, 100 rim models, body kits,and spoilers 

-        Captivating environments with professional lighting and sound including a transitional day-night-day lighting cycle

-        Live music exclusively produced for the game by Iran’s best

-        Professional engine sounds