XaraVan is a unique strategy game completely developed in Iran. This game was designed by a great number of individuals working day and night in order to produce something that would meet the Iranian people’s high expectations. This isn’t your typical purchased and converted to Farsi game. The whole process of developing XaraVan, including its design and implementation, were performed in Iran and by Iranian professionals.

Game Features:

At first glance, this game may pass off as any other strategy games that exist today. But hold tight, with just a bit of guidance you will be amazed with the fantastic capabilities this game offers.

This is the first time in the world you are provided with two maps, for both inside and outside your village.

Trial attacks- Personalized building upgrades- Character Diversity- Camisados- Trade and sale of items- Unity- Trap and capture- Jail- Hero Tower- Dual attacks- Coalitions- Amazing spells- Free hidden coins- Online duals (Launch of this will be in the third phase) - And dozens of other fantastic elements make up this beautiful game.