The Look of Evil
The Look of Evil

Dr. Homan Tadbiri’s life after bankruptcy, and job loss is melting down. Now, since his wife deserted him, his nights are filled with loneliness and seclusion; his mind, full of dark and ruinous thoughts; every moment for him passes like a never ending hell.

One night something strange and unusual happens; the course of his life changes forever. An opportunity befalls him to go to the darkest corners of his mind and bring to his conscious things so dreadful that he had once chosen to forget.

The Look of Evil, with a psychological narrative, shows how this man’s character goes through a transformation; and by using imagery to capture the world of his mind, the player enters his most private quarters.

This is an adventure, first-person game. The player solves various puzzles that help find the missing parts of the main character’s psyche and in the end they discover his most bitter secret.