Young Game Developers

Young Game Developers

Designing and Developing PC, Mobile, Web-Based Video Games


The Young Game Developers Company (Limited) was established in Babol (northern Iran) in June 2013, and has been active in the following areas ever since:

  • Designing and developing video games,
  • Holding and participation in video games development and design festivals, congresses, workshops, including Iran’s Independent Video Game Development Festival (twice), National Students’ Game Development Festival in Mazandaran University (twice), International Game Development Competitions, etc.,
  • Holding Iran’s Independent Game Developers Festival,
  • Holding International Game Development Competitions,
  • Publishing Persian Games’ Scientific Electronic Journal,
  • Establishing and management of the Scientific Union for Video Games,
  • Designing software capable of running video games,

Running the mobile and Windows software and website designing department in 2014.