Chocolate Land of Zeros and Ones

Chocolate Land of Zeros and Ones

Game developing for mobile phones (Android, IOS… etc.)


The Chocolate Land of Zeros and Ones (Sarzamin Chocolate Sefr va Yek) was established in 2013 with the goal of producing mobile games. Thus far they have successfully produced multiple game titles including, Dooo, Mara Garm Kon, Puzzle Friends, and Puzzle.

Dooo is a competitive driving game with 2D graphics in the style of Doodle games.

Chocolate group then developed, Mara Garm Kon, in partnership with Pishgaman Kavir. An Arcade style game with cartoon graphics, it is available for free (with in-app purchases) in Android markets.

Puzzle Friends is a puzzle game where players can transform existing picture in their own phone into puzzles they can solve or send to friends to solve and receive a prize.

In Chocolate group’s latest product, Puzzle, an online only game, players use available drawing tools to draw one of the suggested words and then send the drawing to friends so they can guess the word. Players need to be connected to the game server in order to play.

Chocolate Group is currently developing a strategy game which is soon to be released in the Android markets.