Afrand Virtual Trade

Afrand Virtual Trade

Production of mobile and console games

  • Executive research contract to build 3D online games, multiplayer, real-time and cross-platform
  • Design chosen by the Science and Technology Department of the Presidency with idea of building 3D online games.
  • Executive of the Fireshots project (the first 3D online multiplayer game for mobile phones in Iran)
  • Established as a knowledge-based company in the field of game by the Science and Technology Department of the Presidency.
  • Third place winner at the International Digital Media Festival
  • 2013 Best Entrepreneur in the province
  • Selected for Fekre Bartar Festival (Best idea)
  • Recipient of honorable diploma from the Seventh National Festival of entrepreneurship and business development of Sharif (VCCUP)


  • Try to promote human, Islamic, social and cultural values and move to elevated these values by using gamification concepts.
  • Research on locally creating the latest technology in the field of game development.
  • Production of quality video games with rich Iranian Islamic content.
  • Enter the global markets in the gaming development industry