Video Games


Having some of the best experts in gaming industry, we at ARNA are trying to improve the Iranian game market by producing world class games. Entering the international game market and standing shoulder to shoulder with game giants are our ultimate goals and to achieve them, it is inevitable for us to use complex and cutting edge technologies and combine them with artistic elements.

Our first game was Super Shoot, a casual arcade game for mobile android that was very well received in the local market. The next game was Pars Cup; a browser based football management game released in late 2014 and is still attracting new users. Since then, with expanding the game development team by hiring the best of the trade in Iran, we have developed and recently released 2 more mobile games. Ashoub: Chronicles is a turn-based online card game and Q bang is a twin-stick shooter.

The next step is to develop international ties to enter global markets to deliver not only our own products to global users, but also the games of other brilliant Iranian game developers. The publishing sector of our studio officially started in early 2016.