The fourth Iran Games League will be held on August 28 to September 7 in Tehran’s Milad Tower. Besides taking part in the four fields of PES 2018, FIFA 18, Clash Royale and Quiz of Kings, for the first time ever, players have the chance to compete with each other in the Iranian game of Pesarkhandeh (The Godson). Pesarkhandeh is the newest entry in the lineup of the Iran Games League.

The fourth Iran Games League (IGL 2018), the biggest digital games competition in the country, held through the partnership of Iran Computer and Video Games Foundation and Moka’ab, the representative of Electronic Sports World Cup (ESWC) in Iran, will run from August 28 to September 7 in Tehran’s Milad tower. A notable factor is that if conditions were appropriate, the champions will be sent to participate in the games world cup held in France. Also same as last year’s competition, the families of the participants may be present in the audience and watch the tournament up close.

The parties interested in taking part in the tournament, have until August 16 to sign up for the sport they like best. Since titles like FIFA 18 and PES 2018 are run on the three platforms of PC, PS4 and Xbox 360, close attention must be paid to specify the console you’re going to compete on.

Sign-ups for quiz of kings will be done from inside the game itself.

There are many different prizes considered for this tournament, either in cash or other types like sending out competitors to foreign competitions, which will collectively amount to 100 million Tomans in Iranian currency,

Parties interested in signing up and participating in this round of the tournament can visit this link: