Due to the new courses and classes designed to be taught in the Iran Game Development Institute as the first Iranian educational center for video games, some changes were made to the scientific committee of the institution.

As reported by IRCG, Amir Muammad-Rezaie and Faraz Shanyar are assigned as the two new members of the institute and will teach different classes in the upcoming months.

Amir Muammad-Rezaie is an experienced Iranian video game developer, with more than 15 years being active in the field and has published a variety of titles in the video game markets. Muammad-Rezaie will hold a position in the Game Design department of the Iran Game Development Institute.

Faraz Shanyar will work and teach in the field of video game art. He’s a known face of the field, who after living abroad for many years, has decided to offer his knowledge to enthusiastic parties in Iran who want to work in the field of video games.

It should be noted that the time limit for sign-ups in the new courses of the institute came to an end on July 27th with all 14 classes becoming full to the brim. The courses are being held as of now.