Yesterday, July 2, saw the opening of the second round of the video gaming event Level Up, by a press conference and with presence of Hassan Karimi Qodusi, CEO of Iran Computer and Video Games Foundation with members of Fan Afzar studio.

Level Up is held with the intention of injecting enthusiasm into the game developers’ society of Iran to make high quality games. In this event, first the competitors are determined and after the announcement of the rules governing the event, developers have an eight week window to develop a prototype of their game that is fully playable and is able to induce the fun and the internal feel of the final product.

Signing up for this event started on July 2 and will continue to July 12. The motto for the second round of Level Up is “Build a Team, Build a Game!” which suffices to show the perspective and approach of this year’s Level-Up revolves around team-building.

Hassan Karimi Qodusi, attending the opening ceremony of this event, emphasized on the great potential of the video game industry and announced that he’ll welcome and back any events like this that further develops the industry and the teams involved in it.

Kasra Tehrani, CEO of Fan Afzar, another of the speakers at the press conference, as the organizer of the event, talked about concentrating on games for the PC platform and cited Hayoola, a digital game release platform as an important partner in organizing the event.

He, who is also the commercial development manager of Hayoola, explained about different factors, like the process of signing up, team building and choice of judges. According to Tehrani, teams that want to participate in the second round of Level Up, can visit the official website of Level Up at, sign up and after getting submitted to the event, choose a coach for their team. The teams have to turn in their project inside an eight week window. The event will have three stages.

Yaser Zhian, was another speaker of the press conference. Zhian, who is also one of the coaches of the event, announced the prizes are 30, 15 and 7 million Tomans, which in that order will go to the top three contestants. He emphasized that because of the presence of Hayoola in the competition, developers may even count on early-accesses and crowdfundings for their projects.