The National Game Development Institute is founded by Iran Computer & Video Games Foundation for the purpose of training specialized human resources in various fields of expertise related to the game development industry.

The National Game Development Institute consists of three main departments: Technical, Artistic and Development. Benefiting from thoroughly developed educational curriculum, all these departments hold up-to-date training workshops with the objective of training specialized human resources necessarily required in the game development industry.

Given the link between computer games and other scientific fields of digital arts, the National Game Development Institute holds its numerous workshops, courses and events in different scientific fields of digital arts.

The most prominent game developers and experts in the fields of game development as well as digital arts have been gathered here to take on the burden of teaching and coordinating the courses.


The main activity of the institute consists of holding educational courses in three main fields of arts, programming and design. To ensure the quality, timeliness and accuracy of the courses, the coordination necessary between these three independent departments is mainly applied through the Educational Committee of the Institute.

Courses on Arts in Game Development

  • 2D illustration
  • 3D Modeling
  • 2D Animation
  • 3D Animation

Courses on Game Development Programming

  • Programming via Unity 3D engine

Courses on Game Design

  • Computer Games Design