Ever since the establishment of the national foundation of computer games, one of the main objectives and quests of the foundation has been the “culture of proper use” of computer games. The reason behind such an objective in Iran is benefiting from the educational potential and influential role of computer games and the need to avoid the disadvantages of mental and spiritual deficiencies resulting from the misuse of computer games. Therefore, one of the most significant aspects of such culture design would be the issue of age ratings for computer games, which has been assigned to ESRA.

ESRA principle, the result of a one-year investigation and research on different harmful content of computer games from three aspects of sociology, psychology, and Islamic teachings, launched its rating system in 2009 in five categories of 3+, 7+, 12+, 15+ and 18+ years of age.

One of the most important reasons of the observed necessity for ESRA principle is the lack of a proper pattern of use for computer games and the negative physical and mental effects of computer games caused by misuse and the concern of parents regarding such issues due to their lack of information about the improper and inappropriate content of such games.