Market Research

Market Research


A spinoff of the National Foundation for Computer Games, DIREC was founded in 2014 so as to act as the gather in one place the research cores made up of finest university graduates as well as industry experts in different aspects and fields of digital games industry. DIREC’s mission is to promote and advance its research and analytical goals, mostly in marketing, communications, psychology, and sociology through definition and execution of multiple research projects with their main focus on behavior studies and market research.


DIREC reports

Of the most significant reports created by DIREC are:

  • Open view reports on Iran’s digital games industry
  • Trinary reports for gaming platforms of Mobile, PC and Console games.
  • Market info reports (Trending games, Top brands, popular hardware etc.)
  • Player behavior clustering reports.
  • Online Gaming reports
  • Tehran exclusive reports
  • Comparative reports on Iran’s 11 metropolises.

Other services provided by DIREC

In addition to the reports generated, DIREC provides other supplementary services of:

  • Information Consultancy for domestic and foreign companies towards expansion of activity in the industry
  • Implementation of customized research projects
  • Industry Directory (including information regarding production, producers and developers, publishers etc.)
  • Collection of Scientific resources for digital games industry

DIREC’s customers

With regards to the main fields of activity in DIREC, a vast range of companies as well as individuals are considered DIREC’s customers.

  • Top managers and policy markers
  • Domestic and foreign game developers, publishers, and distributers
  • Risk-taking domestic and foreign investors
  • Supplementary industries
  • Companies and firms interested in advertisement and marketing in the industry.
  • Scholars, researchers and university members.

DIREC’s advantages

DIREC is the biggest and most powerful research center for digital games in the country, with the highest sensitivity towards the knowledge created in this field. DIREC enjoys the following advantages

  • Main research center specializing in marketing, communications, sociology and statistics.
  • Cooperation with the National Foundation for Computer Games.
  • The benefit of 15000+ statistical samples throughout the country
  • Adequate information covering all metropolises, cities, towns and residential areas in the country.
  • Cooperation with 100+ researchers in the country
  • Generalizability of information (95-97 percent for qualitative researches and scientific saturation for quantitative researches)
  • Possibility of thoughtful analysis of reports by the industry scholars and experts.
  • Affiliation with top universities and research centers of the country
  • Cooperation with International market research center in digital games and its dependent industries.